There are a lot of reasons why email notifications aren’t sent. To troubleshoot follow the following steps:

  1. First step is to check if basic emails are sending by installing the Check Email plugin.
  2. You can also test without using a plugin by creating a user from the admin. This should send an email to the user, so use your own email address to check if it has been received.
  3. If the test succeeds without errors, proceed to step number 5.  Otherwise the problem is not Poppyz related and more of a server issue that needs fixing. Some servers require mail authentication before sending an email. This is to avoid email spoofing, or sending from an email that belongs to someone else.
  4. Contact your hosting to confirm if this is the case. To solve this, install the WP Mail SMTP plugin and ask your hosting about the configuration needed for that plugin. After configuring the problem go back to step 1 to test the emails.
  5. The emails are most likely going into the Spam folder. This is a common issue on websites that send mass emails to their users.
  6. There is no sure way to avoid this from happening but it can most likely be solved by doing the following:
  • The Email From field should use an email belonging to the same domain as the website.

    So if you are using poppyz on, the email should be <anythinghere> (make sure it exists)
  • You could also leave the field blank so that WordPress can generate it’s own FROM email address based on your domain.