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Poppyz is an exclusive part of MPOP Business School, the business course in which you learn as an entrepreneur to create, publish and sell your knowledge online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work exactly with Poppyz?

This is fully automatic. You can choose all common payment methods yourself. Payment for installments and memberships is always done by means of a bank transfer. direct debit, because of this there are very few overdue payments.

Can I connect my accounting system?

In principle, this is not necessary because you can export-import all invoices (for example once a quarter) in common file formats. You can link Moneybird directly and you can link other systems with Zapier if desired.

Can I also sell courses based on memberships?

Yes that is possible, you can set whether or not your customers can cancel their membership themselves on their account page.
You can also pay for courses in installments.

What options can I add on the checkout page?

Upsell: after your customer has paid, you can make another (surprise) offer. The first payment serves as a mandate for payment. Your customers do not have to go through the payment process again! They just have to tick the offer.

Checkout bargain: on the checkout page you can make suggestions/offers that are (probably) also interesting. This works similarly to upsell, except that it appears before your customers have paid.

Deviating 2nd payment moment: you have the option to have the 2nd payment take place later (or earlier) when paying in installments. For example what we often do with MPOP, the 2nd payment takes place 3 months later and the remaining payments 1 month. Your customers then have the opportunity to earn back the investment within that period.

Promotional price: you can enter regular price and promotional price. Both are shown on the checkout page, so that your customers can see the height of the promotional price.

Donation to charity: you can add a line with a flexible amount, for example for donation to charity. You can also create a separate thank you page for this.


Are there any additional (hidden) costs?

Poppyz consists of premium WordPress software. The advantage is that you are not bound by (the limitations of) a closed system. There is a WordPress plugin for almost every conceivable application, for example for creating / adding a questionnaire, chat option, forum, etc. You can use this in combination with Poppyz.

Additional costs are:
Hosting, this is about a few euros per month. See for example the overview of Cloud86. We are their partner, they offer very good price / quality. The advantage over a closed system is that you can always place it somewhere else and that your privacy is guaranteed. Unlike parties that use their own closed system, we do not have access to your customer and turnover data.
Vimeo, it is highly recommended to emb your videos. Vimeo has a free version, but it is often useful / necessary to take a paid account.
Mollie, Poppyz is integrated with Mollie for payment processing. Mollie is a good payment provider. A Mollie account is free, but they do charge (approximately) 29 cents per Ideal payment. See the overview here.

In principle, there are no additional costs. It depends of course on what else you want to offer in your academy, for example you can add sound files by means of. Soundcloud.

I have no technical knowledge, is Poppyz right for me?

Ok, this is very subjective. 🙂
We think it is very important to offer everything as user-friendly with the best possible explanation. We have made extensive videos, screencasts and explanations in words and screenshots for this. Most people are fine with this. In addition, we offer daily chat support and support via email (more than 90% is answered within 6 hours, calculated within office hours).
It is also worth considering outsourcing part of the work to a VA. Mail if you want suggestions for this.