Engels Donation/Voluntary Contribution

Donation/Voluntary Contribution options enable clients to make a fixed or custom amount donation.

The methods to activate the donation on the tier purchasing page are as follows.

Go to course page.

Click the edit course icon.

When the course page opens, scroll down to the tier section. You can add or edit an existing tier.

After clicking the edit tier icon, the tier page will open. You need to scroll down to the Options section and click Pricing.

To enable the donation or voluntary contribution, click Yes. It will display the fixed amounts boxes.

If the administrator wants the client to have the option to enter a custom amount, they need to click yes in Allow custom amount.

Additionally, the administrator can choose to add an image to be shown at the top of the frontend contribution form.


If the user is logged in, here is the interface:

It will automatically add to the order overview.

It will automatically reflect to invoice.