1.9.2 30/06/24

  • Add discount feature for tiers
  • Remove Universal Analytics and replace it with GA 4 25/06/24

  • Fixed progress list not appearing on the lesson widget
  • Added a class to the menu item of current lesson being viewed in the lesson widget. This allows us to style it via custom css. 19/06/24

  • Added fix when eproducts are selected for additional product (requires E-product v1.4.8.5)
  • Fixed coupons' total payments calculations

1.9.1 10/06/24

  • Fixed coupons - european notation is now accepted
  • Fixed prices in the checkout page

1.9.0 21/05/24

  • Added new features: Kassakoopje and bundle products
  • Added donation feature
  • Added tier discount
  • UI enhancements 09/04/24

  • Remove / appearing on the purchase page 09/04/24

  • Fix manual payment for memberships that had chargebacks 17/01/24

  • Fix alignment of invoices on the account page 08/01/24

  • Fixes to the test mode payments
  • Poppyz now allows e-products to be added as upsells (requires the latest E-product plugin)
  • Recurring payment fixes 21/11/23

  • Added export all for invoices page
  • Activate test api key to users if the live api key is blank.
  • Remove the course dropdown to Lesson widget.
  • E-products can now be applied to tier upsells.
  • Fixed clone course feature. 14/11/23

  • Lowered the minimum payment amount to 0,20 EUR. 10/11/23

  • MoneyBird users can now set the MoneyBird tax rate per tier.
  • Corrected the layout of the login message of the account page when a user is not logged in.
  • See subscribers in the tier edit page.
  • Fixed the Export (all) button on the students page. 31/10/23

  • Fixed export buttons of the invoices page
  • Added a feature to allow admins to use a test payment for Mollie on the checkout page. This feature has to be enabled on the plugin settings page by adding a test API key. 25/10/23

  • Fixed wrong amount charged in Mollie for recurring payments when initial amount has been set - the tax amount is not being added if price is entered exclusive of tax.
  • Fixed the dates in payment plans on the student page
  • Hide cancel membership button on the account page if membership is already cancelled. 26/09/23

  • Adjust future payment to outstanding payment
  • Only show the reminder button to students who have at least one payment 22/09/2023

  • New Admin UI.
  • Bulk actions added on the students page
  • The same tier can now be purchase multiple times by a user. 31/08/2023

  • Fixed missing payments in the students page 26/08/2023

  • Added sort by status on the students page
  • Fixed Facebook Pixel error when the plugin's directory is deleted. 07/07/2023

  • Sort students page by newest first 03/07/2023

  • Fixed the download buttons on the invoices page
  • Fixed translations on the purchase page
  • Added new translations for expiry texts
  • Added additional ajax call on delete tier to make sure that the warning is accurate and up to date.
  • Added an option for admins to allow cancellation of memberships in the account page
  • Fixed PHP 8.0 issues
  • Fixed coupon users list
  • Tiers with subscriptions can no longer be deleted. 26/06/2023

  • The course/lesson content no longer displays publicly when it's been assigned a layout via Divi Theme Builder.
  • Deleting a tier now displays a warning, all subscribers will get unsubscribed as well 13/06/2023

  • Made shortcodes work on the tier thank you message
  • Fixed invoice filters when using pagination
  • Added purchase link expiration feature for tiers
  • Added newsletter connection warnings when wrong keys are used.
  • Fixed the login link of the registration form for e-products. 20/05/2023

  • Added a reset default texts feature under plugin settings -> extras tab.
  • Fixed P&P's Kassakoopje feature. The multiple webhook call per order should be checked in P&P settings https://bit.ly/3oFfOxK
  • Fixed missing translations like the second payment text.
  • Added coupon users to edit coupon page
  • Fixed statistics page date picker 11/05/2023

  • Fixed students page display "User Deleted" on users that have no first names.
  • Add new cancel button for each membership subscription in the user's account page. 19/04/2023

  • Global Divi Headers are now only affected on course and lessons pages

1.7.3 12/04/2023

  • A shortcode [purchase-button tier_id=]can now be used to place a program's purchase button on any page. Clicking on it will redirect the user to the order page.
  • Global Divi Headers are now hidden when hide menu is enabled in the admin.

1.7.2 13/03/2023

  • Fixed the bug that does not translate the registration fields to Dutch.

1.7.1 09/03/2023

  • Fixed Divi content redirecting to edit profile page.

1.7.0 16/02/2023

  • Fixed tier bug where it can't be edited
  • Remove automatic invoice link. 13/02/2023

  • Added sort on the students page when using the experimental paging feature. 05/02/2023

  • Fixed bug where the payment pending email can't be turned on
  • Fix Vat text translation on the invoice - 16/01/2023

  • Added new shortcode for welcome mail - [title-password-link]
  • Fixed membership price not showing on the overview page. - 12/01/2023

  • Fixed upsells not showing
  • Fixed PHP8 issues on TCPDF
  • Fixed limit reached text not showing - 23/12/2022

  • Reworked the students page to allow pagination. This feature has to be enabled for now on plugin settings: Extras -> Turn on paging for the students page
  • Fixed translations - 14/12/2022

  • The date of each payment made is now recorded.
  • Updated translations - 14/12/2022

  • Added filter to change invoice column titles
  • Added setting for logout URL.
  • Fixed Redirect URL saving as 'poppyz' - 09/12/2022

  • Cloning of lessonclusters fix.
  • Refactored all translations.
  • Hide lessoncluster sections in the admin that are not needed. - 07/12/2022

  • Fix mollie error when no key is supplied and a student is deleted on the backend. - 02/12/2022

  • Fixed register page overwriting other pages.
  • Added new plugin setting to change "tier has expired" default text. - 02/12/2022

  • Prevent P&P payments from double posting.
  • Fixed no access message alignment - again. - 23/11/2022

  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed no access message alignment
  • Remove register page in plugin settings. - 21/11/2022

  • Change translations on the purchase page - 14/11/2022

  • Admin templates can now be overwritten by a child theme/plugin. - 14/11/2022

  • Fix price shown when coupon is applied.
  • Center no access messages.
  • Add show all lessons option on the lesson widget. - 04/11/2022

  • Make the new MoneyBird API Keys compatible with Poppyz - 31/10/2022

  • Fixed tier not loading properly because of a weird case error in the Newsletters directory. - 26/10/2022

  • Pending order email notification is now disabled by default (only works for new installs)
  • Layout fixes for progress module
  • Text fixes for the statistics page - 26/09/2022

  • Removed the progress list checkbox. It is now recommended using the Poppyz Progress List module.
  • Added Poppyz prefix for Poppyz Divi modules
  • Added a simple validation for MoneyBird credentials. - 23/09/2022

  • Removed the use of PHP Sessions.
  • Fixed PlugandPay payments not subscribing the user when the coupon used leads to a zero price. - 15/09/2022

  • The subscription date of users now affects their access. Date set in the future (via admin) will block access to the customer's course.
  • The welcome mail is now sent as well for Plugandpay purchases.
  • The templates files of the frontend can now be overriden by another plugin or theme.
  • The admin notification email now sends on free purchases as well.
  • The students page now lists the newest students at the top.
  • Fixed wrong tier and course name displaying on the thank you email of free tiers. - 16/08/2022

  • Added a way to set the interval of the second payment. - 15/08/2022

  • Added a way to set the interval of the second payment.
  • Fixed missing price fields of tiers for standard payments. - 08/08/2022

  • Added a way to set the first payment amount for payment plans - 03/06/2022

  • Bug fixes on the account page
  • Update translations - 03/06/2022

  • The admin can now set an interval before sending reminder emails for pending transactions.
  • Added order id and payment id on hover of the subscription date in the Students page. - 02/06/2022

  • Fixed javascript errors in the admin

1.6.9 - 31/05/2022

  • Improved coupon page:
  • Made it easier to select tiers and e-products (needs e-products plugin update) which the coupon will be applied to.
  • Added a check if the amount entered is a number (bug fix)
  • List users of a coupon

1.6.8 - 30/05/2022

  • Code improvements for newsletters that will make it easier to add new ones in the future.

1.6.7 - 18/05/2022

  • Added upsell feature for Standard payment tiers

1.6.6 - 02/05/2022

  • For multisites/Wordpress Networks: a user that exists on a subsite now gets added automatically to another subsite if they try to register.
  • Version update fix.

1.6.5 - 20/04/2022

  • Fixed possible bug with chargebacks.

1.6.4 - 20/04/2022

  • Fixed a bug where multiple same payments are posted on Poppyz. - 18/04/2022

  • Fixed lesson category page layout. The newest version of Divi Poppyz theme should be installed as well.

1.6.3 - 01/04/2022

  • Fixed manual payment of chargebacks not registering.
  • Fixed invoice link being automatically added on other emails that don't require invoice

1.6.2 - 22/03/2022

  • Fixed sorting of lessons and modules.


  • Fixed iDeal payment not showing on payment methods.


  • Re-added the Upsell feature. Only works for tiers with payment plans for now.

  • Fixed lesson widget title display, it is now hidden when a user has no access to the course.
  • Changed translations on plugin settings
  • Fixed PHP warning for AffiliateWP on PHP 8

  • Fixed lesson sorting feature.
  • Added coupon used for each subscription in the students page https://i.imgur.com/aSsdVv8.png
  • Added payment ID to invoice. Only new invoices after this update will have this feature.
  • Payment ID can now be searched on invoices. This search function won't work with previous invoices since they don't have Payment ID's saved.
  • Fixed error in mailchimp subscription when first name or last name are missing.
  • Multiple subscriptions now takes into account the last subscription for lesson rules.

  • Fixed [tier-link] shortcode displaying the wrong link in emails

  • Re-added export function for Students

  • Added popup box on when clicking on send reminder in the students page

  • Removed year option for membership plans because it's no longer supported. Use 12 months instead for every year.

  • Fixed inactive coupons still applying a discount.

  • Fixed invoice link not displaying on invoice emails
  • Temporarily disable all upsells while fixing the on demand payment issue.


  • Refactored email settings
  • Added new button for each email that can be used to enable/disable sending
  • Payment reminder now sends 6 days before payment date.
  • Fixed payment plan text on purchase page.
  • Increased the width of the container of the purchase page for loggedin users.


  • Fixed invoice not showing customer's invoice number
  • Added a way to disable sending of new user email to the customer in plugin settings
  • Added a way to change the purchase button text


  • Removed upsell for standard payments fow now while the bug is being fixed.
  • Run an update that cancels mollie subscriptions that were improperly created for standard payments


  • Added delete key for date inputs
  • Added a new filter for vat shifted invoices.
  • Standard payments can now have upsells.


  • Added all shortcodes to the invoice email


  • Added [tier] and [tier-link] shortcodes in the invoice email.
  • Remove tax display when tier's price is 0 due to using a coupon.


  • Fixed invoice logo error
  • Added new design support for Divi progress list module.


  • Fixed free programs via coupon not dispaying the correct thank you content.


  • Users that don't have a company won't be applied the vat shifted status.
  • Users that belong in the same country as the one set in Poppyz settings won't have a vatshifted status.


  • Fixed tax percentages not displaying decimal points.
  • Added a new Poppyz extension support: Poppyz Tax Rate by Country
  • Reworked how taxes work.
  • Fixed ui issues in the admin
  • Fixed required fields checkbox on registration form settings
  • Added tax conditions for non EU countries
  • Translation fixes
  • Removed logout link on the Edit Profile page


  • Added Vat Shifted for MoneyBird. The MoneyBird account should have a tax rate with 0% rate.
  • Added a new field "Country" in plugin settings under the Payment tab. This will be used for tax purposes.
  • Fixed filter bug on the MoneyBird SDK.
  • Remove popup error when pressing enter on Invoice search.

  • UI fixes for Poppyz fields in the admin Profile page
  • Fixed error when wrong expiry date is entered on tiers.
  • Disable manual typing of data for date input types in the admin


  • Styling fixes
  • Added edit links to lessons' and tiers' titles in the backend.


  • Fixed lesson list not appearing on module pages
  • Fixed wrong confirmation text when trying to delete a lesson in the backend
  • Fixed button display.
  • Changed plugin author name.


  • Clicking on a tab in the settings no longer scrolls the page.
  • Fixed 1.4.4 tab issue.
  • Fixed layout in the purchase page when it has custom content.
  • Added leadpages to the selection of Thank You page.
  • Fixed missing course edit link in edit tier page.
  • Styled lesson links.


  • Fixed ActiveCampaign tags not saving
  • When saving, the currently viewed tab in settings is now retained.


  • Added debug feature for developers
  • Fixed Coupon bulk actions not working
  • Change status texts on the students page to Active and Inactive instead of Subscribed and Pending.


  • Tiers with Payment plans can now be selected as upsells.
  • Ui fixes.


  • Added Upsell feature
  • Fixed translations
  • Style the View Tier button in the backend.
  • Fixed backend styles.


  • Applied new frontend UI. It is recommended make a backup of your database before updating to this version.

  • Fixed students page only showing 10 rows.

  • Fixed invoice number not displaying properly in the PDF
  • Fixed UI issues
  • In the Invoices list in the admin, the download buttons now require a selection before downloading.

  • Added ReCAPTCHA V3 on the Poppyz Registration form

  • Fixed ActiveCampaign list not displaying. Some users might have had their lists unselected when they updated a tier because of this bug. Please check your list if you were recently in version 1.3.0 and updated a tier.


  • Implemented new backend UI. Requires Poppyz Divi Integration 2.6.5, Poppyz E-Products 1.4.1, and Divi Poppyz Theme 1.6.1

  • Fixed Hide Menu settings hiding it non poppyz pages as well
  • Fixed admins not being able too see lessons that are excluded in a tier

  • Fixed invoice link in the email
  • Fixed purchase page layout, tier information is now on top when viewing on smaller screens.
  • Fixed tier's tax inc/exc options not saving when default is used.

  • Fixed lesson progress enable/disable selection not saving correctly.

  • Added course id specification on the lesson list, it can now be used outside lesson and courses by specifying a course in the module settings

  • Added a function that runs a fix on Mollie charges after activating the plugin.

  • Fixed Dutch translation of Thank You email default text with wrong shortcode.

  • Fixed invoice amount when price has a decimal point.

  • Important Update - Fixed Mollie recurring payments having an additional 1 payment.

  • Emergency Update - Fix payment errors for servers with PHP version below 7.3.

  • Fixed custom fields not saving on tiers.

  • Fixed update nag about poppyz license about to expire even if the license is not

  • Fixed invoice amount warnings
  • Fixed invoice logo alignment
  • Statistics page: section now remains focused and open even if the page reloads
  • Statistics page: fixed progress list table
  • Update Mollie SDK
  • Fixed bug with Facebook Pixel plugin.

  • Lesson list now no longer display lessons that are not available.
  • Clicking on an unavailable lesson will display the availability date

  • Updated invoice layout to a cleaner look

  • Add paging and search function on the students page

  • Refactored the payment process
  • Added additional filters and parameters on payment completion
  • Added notification in the WP dashboard when license is about to expire
  • Added IBAN to invoice
  • Fixed E-product custom message when purchase limit has been reached
  • Added upsell feature after tier payment (in development, not yet available for the public)

  • Fixed wrong description in mailchimp list

  • Fixed a bug where default text are in English even if the site is using another language
  • Updated and added new default content for Poppyz Emails
  • Poppyz shortcodes now work with emails' subject

  • Fixed MailChimp tags not being updated when the user is already subscribed.

  • Added default country for the registration form in Poppyz settings.
  • Fixed notice errors regarding newsletter lists.
  • Fixed coupon count not incrementing when tier becomes free due to a coupon.

  • Added descriptive text when uploading featured images on courses and lessons.

  • Major bug: Fixed select box in tiers not saving.

  • MoneyBird: Added Vat Shifted text on the invoice.

  • Fixed Divi not loading because of Facebook Pixel update.

  • Added VAT Number in MoneyBird Invoice (requires adding vat field in a profile of the moneybird account)

  • Removed Vat Shifted field display on the account page
  • Fixed purchase page layout for tablets. It now displays the same as desktop.
  • Fixed image upload of content editors in plugin settings.
  • Added features in the content editors in plugin settings.
  • Updated invoice upload logo to use the latest media upload of WP
  • Updated meta boxes source code.

  • Fixed a long term bug where customers are marked "paid by admin" incorrectly. This was due to a bug in the backend's edit profile page.
  • Vat included/excluded options are now available on per tier basis.

  • Implemented custom thank you page redirects for free tiers because of coupons.

  • Fixed AffiliateWP integration. AffiliateWP plugin should now be version 2.6+ to work.

  • Enchanced category fixes in the admin
  • Added featured image in lesson modules if Enchanced Category plugin is not installed.

  • Added Laposta Newsletter integration
  • Fixed alignment on the backend's tier lesson list (contributed by: Michael ten Den)

  • Fixed bug on the registration form where phone number is being required even if it's disabled.

  • Changed pending reminder email to 5 days instead of 2
  • Fixed reset password link
  • Added e-product moneybird support
  • Plug&Pay integration: Added first name and last name.

  • Added required phone field for free tiers.

  • Fixed Rest API error on Site Health tool
  • Added Extras tab on plugin settings
  • Centered notification texts
  • Additional translations

  • Added new [company] shortcode for Payment Default Texts

  • Reworked thank you emails. Poppyz E-products plugin users should update Poppyz as well for the emails to work.
  • Fixed all shortcodes and created a documentation page on https://poppyz.nl/en/documentation/shortcodes/
  • Added a way to change the registration form text in Poppyz Settings -> Registration form

  • Fixed access unavailable layout.

  • Added Dutch - Belgium language
  • Remove fix for wrong edit lesson link when lesson list is used, it was hiding the next and previous lesson links. Fix it on Divi Poppyz Theme instead.
  • Added a shortcode [user-info] which by default displays the current login users first name. To display the last name just use [user-info field='last_name']

  • Fixed failed payment email - admin sending to the user instead of admin

  • Fixed wrong edit lesson link when lesson list is used
  • Added translations

  • Added a way in plugin settings to change the Payment Failed message.
  • Free tiers can now be assigned their own Thank You pages and Thank You content (contributed by: Michael ten Den).
  • Fixed invoice display for PHP 7.4

  • Added custom text for the invoices of Plug&Pay purchases
  • Added a new shortcode to display the remaining slots of a tier. Use [tier-slots id=""]

  • Fixed some UI bugs for WordPress 5.5

  • Fixed mobile menu layout for Divi's vertical navigation with lesson list. Needs Divi-Poppyz theme update as well.
  • Added text on the students page if the subscription is manual or automatic payment.
  • Improved statistics page

  • Fix registration form layout
  • Added Plugandpay.nl Support
  • Enchanced Category support implemented. See documentation for more info. https://poppyz.nl/en/documentation/module-pages/

  • If a payment has failed due to insufficient funds, the Mollie subscription now still continues and the customer is asked to pay the missed payment manually.
  • Added new translations

  • Fixed USD currency not being able to save free tiers.

  • Fixed coupons not working on Mollie
  • The latest subscription is now taken into account in case of multiple tier subscriptions to a single course.

  • Previous and Next links for Divi Poppyz theme (needs theme update)
  • Translation fixes.

  • Google Analytics fix.
  • Added new fields on Students export like address and company
  • Added thank you page selection for tiers. (2020-04-27)

  • Fixed interval text for Membership payment plans on the admin
  • Fixed payment failed text being out of the main content in Divi (needs divi-poppyz theme update)
  • Add module page options in plugin settings (needs divi-poppyz theme update) (2020-04-020)

  • Fixed loggedin users not being able to purchase (2020-04-07)

  • Changed loggedin users' initial purchase page styling
  • Added new text and validations on vat shifted fields. (2020-04-07)

  • Fixed not being able to update free tiers.
  • Show lesson module slug (2020-04-06)

  • Added logout link to account and edit profile pages (2020-04-02)

  • Added a new add invoice screen, experimental only. Do not use unless you know what you are doing.
  • Fixed issues when no Mollie API key is set (2020-04-01)

  • Fixed adding subscription by admin when subscription date is set (2020-03-31)

  • Fixed free products when Mollie is not set (2020-03-31)

  • Fixed closing div tag on registration form
  • Added phone number to MoneyBird contact (2020-03-27)

  • Added password reset link using the shortcode [password-link] on Poppyz's Thank You e-mail. (2020-03-25)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from registering (2020-03-24)

  • Admin bar will now be hidden to regular users by default. This can be changed via plugin settings. (2020-03-23)

  • Added an option to disable coupons for customers
  • Fixed logout link of Divi's login module when no login page is selected in plugin settings. (2020-03-19)

  • Add MailerLite Integration
  • Fixed issue: Client can't purchase a tier with a payment plan if their first payment is cancelled / does not push thru.
  • Added error when Mollie has not payment method enabled
  • Fixed translations (2020-03-17)

  • Fixed pagination of invoices in the admin (2020-03-17)

  • Fixed free button text (2020-03-16)

  • Fixed clone function not applying course nad lesson featured images (2020-03-16)

  • Fixed issue on free tiers when not logged in

  • Added hooks for additional plugin settings like for Poppyz E-Products
  • Fixed main menu being hidden on course pages

  • Registration and payment our now combined on the purchase process.
  • Make vat shifted text editable (2020-02-22)

  • Fixed coupons not applying the date restrictions
  • Added specific coupon errors.
  • Added module shortcode [lesson-modules]
  • Added MailChimp tag field for each tier
  • Allowed shift key when entering prices to fix issues with other keyboard formats
  • Made the tier url a link and added a copy button for easier copying of the tier url (2020-02-20)

  • Prevent customers from entering prices lower than 1.
  • Translation fixes
  • Fixed MoneyBird's wrong tax implementation when vat exclusive pricing is selected. (2020-02-06)

  • Fixed a bug that results to duplicate invoices when Mollie retries to post a payment to the website due to a server issue
  • Fixed Overdue notice on the Students list for memberships
  • Plugin settings translation texts (2020-01-31)

  • The new feature since WP 5.3 that needs admin to confirm conflicts with login redirections for admins. So for now it has been disabled. (2020-01-31)

  • Remove disable autologin option on plugin settings (2020-01-28)

  • Fix notice in the Progress section of the Statistics page.
  • Remove auto login option in the plugin settings (2020-01-28)

  • Fixed thank you emails not sending (2020-01-23)

  • Fixed login credentials not sending on registration (2020-01-22)

  • Changed Charged Back text in the admin to "Chargeback"
  • When a chargeback happens for the first payment, client now has to pay via the account page instead of going to the purchase process again (2020-01-14)

  • Added no VAT option in plugin settings
  • Code cleanup
  • Add module archive page
  • MoneyBird now requires the account's email to be verified before being able to send an invoice, make sure your email is verified. (2020-01-08)

  • Translation fixes (2020-01-08)

  • Added a new plugin setting to enable module pages (2020-01-06)

  • Fixed chargebacks for manual payments
  • Fixed wrong invoice displaying for paid chargedbacks (2020-01-03)

  • Payments for chargedbacks has been fixed
  • Fixed chargeback notifications not sending to the admin (2019-12-18)

  • Added Mollie payment ID integration to MoneyBird (2019-12-18)

  • Removed MoneyBird tax included option, MoneyBird now gets the option on the Payment Tab.
  • Fixed invoice display on the students page (2019-12-17)

  • Fixed invoices of old subscriptions

  • Added add coupon code link on the purchase page instead of showing the input box right away
  • Removed last two breadcrumbs

  • Convert all tiers to automatic payment, even if they were set to manual before.

  • Show MoneyBird links on the account page
  • Added a way to change the labels and disable some registration fields
  • Remove username and password fields in the registration process. The email will be used for login and the password will be generated.

  • Added Student Progress section in the Statistics page
  • Changed the use of localization class
  • Change default login url to use the selected login page of Poppyz
  • Show MoneyBird invoice on the success page when it's activated
  • Hide poppyz invoices on the account page when moneybird invoice is activated

  • Added future payments amount in the Statistics page
  • Fixed AutoRespond purchase when amount is 0.
  • Fixed database upgrade

  • Unsubscribe users to Mollie subscription when their subscription is deleted on the admin user profile page
  • Fixed chargebacks for first payments
  • Fixed price having wrong amount on payment plans

  • Fixed error in the admin when there are no invoices
  • Added a temporary filter for earnings in the invoice page (will transfer to the statistics page on the next update)

  • Add reminder for unpaid items in the "cart"
  • Change plugin name to Poppyz
  • Add a cron job that automatically searches for duplicate invoices and change them
  • Fixed module order

  • Add reminder for unpaid items in the "cart"

  • Fixed wrong tranche number for MoneyBird when using payment plants

  • Fixed poppyz invoice sending with MoneyBird invoice for automatic payments
  • Remove debugging message on the account page

  • Added international support
  • Added MoneyBird integration

  • Removed debug info on the students page

  • Fixed coupon code not working when clicked

  • Added feature to add tags for Active campaign and Mailblue per tier

  • Fixed the download invoice buttons getting only the first 30 invoices
  • Change the invoice number fields to text instead of date

  • Added subscription manager tool to enable mass assigning/deleting of subscribers to selected tiers.

  • Change Vat Shifted translation

  • Fixed a bug where multiple payment buttons are shown for manual payments
  • Fixed a bug that duplicates payment for payment plans when Mollie tries to re-ping our webhook because of a prior failure
  • Removed loading of script inclusion twice, this fixes all duplicate alert bugs
  • Fixed lesson widget opening and closing immediately when clicked

  • Fixed error when activating plugin

  • Added hooks for Facebook Pixel. This requires Official Facebook Pixel plugin.

  • Added course not available text on plugin settings

  • Added temporary Facebook Pixel integration hooks

  • Grouped email by sections in plugin settings
  • Invalid dates on the students page no longer outputs a PHP error, but instead a validation message
  • Fixed students page dates column not being translated to the correct language.

  • Fixed subscribe button on the students page not working when dutch language is used.

  • Grouped email sections on the Emails tab of the plugin settings page.
  • Fixed invoice displays of membership plans in the account page
  • Fixed membership being recognized as manual payment instead of automatic payment
  • Reworked reminder emails on the students page
  • Refreshing the actions on the students no longer duplicates the action
  • Made actions links to buttons

  • Fixed students not being subscribed when admin does it manually if their subscription already expired.

  • Upgraded Mollie PHP SDK

  • Added a way to export invoices by starting and ending invoice number.
  • Added a filter for hiding invoices in the account page

  • Fixed a bug where the admin cannot add subscriptions manually on the backend
  • Fixed subscriptions that were manually added by admin not appearing on the backend user profile

  • Added new payments table to be able to track each payment of a payment plan / membership
  • Chargeback fixes
  • Subscription that have not been paid no longer appear on the account page.
  • Fixed users not being recognized as admin if their subscriptions where manually added from their profile page.
  • Fixed plans showing "Paid - Deleted" even if no payment has been made yet.
  • Fixed number of payments made being maxed even if it's only the first payment
  • Manually added subscriptions now default to manual payment instead of automatic
  • Fixed Future payment singular translation
  • Fixed vatshifted applying to payment plans even if first payment is non vatshifted.
  • Fixed duplicate invoice numbers

  • Fixed automatic payments not converting to manual
  • Fixed "added by admin" status of subscription not applying
  • Fixed return page error when a payment has been converted to manual

  • When chargeback happens, convert automatic payments to manual payments immediately.

  • Add cron job to check for license and automatically disable the plugin if license is invalid

  • Added email column field on student exports

  • Fixed a major bug for payment plans and membership subscriptions by disabling purchase of a tier if it has pending manual payments.
  • If a license is not activated plugin features are now restricted.

  • Fixed invalid amount value in Mollie when the price is in thousands

  • Added phone number field for users
  • Added phone number integration for ActiveCampaign

  • Fixed user profile page not saving because of previous version
  • Fixed invoice numbers alignment
  • Added a blank (...) selection for the invoice country
  • Added translations for country select.

  • Add CSV Export for subscribers

  • Upgraded Mollie's PHP SDK
  • Fixed chargedbacks being run as paid.
  • Reprogrammed chargedback and refunds logic, a credit invoice should be made manually by the admin upon getting a chargeback.
  • Fixed reminder email's amount value not displaying
  • Fixed error on Students page when payment does not exist
  • Applied styling to the button for manual payments
  • Remove confirm refund button since this is now done automatically via the Mollie API
  • Fixed invalid amount error on Mollie API.

  • Fixed styling for progress list
  • Translation fixes

  • Changed how added by admin subscriptions are detected
  • Previously added by admin subscriptions before this update will have to be fixed by us to display as "subscribed by admin"
  • Prevent double subscriptions for free tiers

  • Changed default text reminder mail, added new shortcodes
  • Reminder mail now only sends to membership and payment plans that have been paid at least once
  • Added admin text for standard payments on the students and account page

  • Removed extra reminder fields

  • Added new links on the edit tier page for easier access
  • Fixed repeated tier links on edit tier page
  • Fix manually added subscriptions with payment plans
  • Displayed a different text on the status of the subscription in the account page if the subscription was done by the admin

  • Displayed a different text on the status of the subscription in the students page if the subscription was done by the admin
  • Added default value for Interval to avoid wrong future payment dates in the Students page

  • Add chargeback logic
  • Fixed failed subscriptions having marked as "Paid" in the Students page
  • Added links to courses and tiers in the Students page
  • Added a link to view the tier's purchase url in the Edit Tier page.

  • Fixed bulk invoice downloads in the admin only downloading 1 invoice
  • Update TCPDF to latest version to avoid further PHP 7.2 errors

  • Fixed PDF errors for PHP 7.2
  • Fixed membership plans which have not been paid on time not appearing on the account page

  • Fixed progress list styling when lesson modules are not being used.

  • Fixed invoice having the wrong tax percentage when created manually

  • Added a message replacing the automatic payment checkbox

  • Added a limit on coupons' usage
  • Removed paid text in the invoice if the invoice has not been paid yet
  • Fixed a bug with the payment amount for pending orders remaining the same even if the tier price has changed.
  • Removed automatic payment checkbox completely since all plans will be automatic

  • Fixed vat shifted field outputting wrong the price.

  • Removed manual payments for payment plans and memberships
  • Fixed future payment dates for manual payments in the account page
  • Added a way for coupons to include Poppyz e-products.
  • Fixed the way Vat Shifted and Belgium settings work.
  • Added "Already paid" mark on the invoice.
  • Fixed doubled 'invalid coupon' message.
  • Fixed terms checkboxes having default value even if they're deleted.

  • Changed layout of invoices - removed unnecessary information
  • Fixed purchase title of tiers with Membership plans showing the wrong intervals and text.
  • Removed yearly interval on payment plans and memberships because Mollie has a limit of 365 days.

  • Made invoice expiration date always based on the days set in the plugin settings.
  • Remove duplicate send reminder link
  • Change credit invoice title to Creditfactuur
  • Fixed invoice expiration date for payment plans and memberships


  • If a lesson list is collapsible, the module is now opened when the current lesson being viewed belongs to it.
  • Allowed invoices to have negative values for creating credit bills/invoices
  • Made a function to duplicate an invoice and make it a credit invoice
  • Fixed users not being subscribed to the newsletter and not having a success message when the tier becomes free because of a coupon.
  • Updated lessons widget to include progress list

  • Fixed invoices email from field in plugin settings not applying to the send invoice.


  • Fixed automatic payments invoices not having the right number of payments made

  • Additional translations

  • Translation fixes


  • Added progress list and mark as read button on courses and lessons.


  • Fixed invoice link in the email
  • Added coupon code on the invoices if used
  • Fixed account page's invoice links displays


  • Fixed invoice title of automatic recurring payments
  • Remove invoices as email attachments. Now there is just a link to the invoice in the email to avoid being labeled as spam. In addition, a new shortcode can be used in the invoice email: [invoice-link]
  • Hide email address field of the invoice copy in plugin settings until the checkbox to allow sending is checked.


  • Added invoices in the account and students page
  • Fixed thank you mail not sending when no From Email has been supplied in the plugin settings


  • Added sorter for the students page
  • Added support for Poppyz E-Products

  • Fixed a bug where users that were subscribed manually from the admin dont have access to lessons.

  • Added BTW Field activation for Belgium in the plugin settings. Once activated, a btw field will be added on the registration form and invoice.
  • Added a way to make custom user fields required or not required through the use of third party plugins

  • Fixed tax rate (tax included pricing) displaying wrong when coupon is applied.


  • Fixed overdue warning appearing wrongly on the students page


  • Payment plans and memberships are now supported with the use of Automatic payments

  • If a user is already subscribed to a tier, they will no longer be able to purchase it again unless it was cancelled or has expired.

  • Rewrote invoice sorting function
  • Add a filter form in the students page
  • Add a link to the users in the students page

  • Add invoice id to Mollie's payment description
  • Remove send reminder link
  • Fix invoice sorting function
  • Fixed send reminder email in the students page of the admin
  • Fixed account page showing all subscriptions as expired
  • Add a way in the Students page to rollback last payment if the client refunded.

  • Reworked ordering of lesson clusters
  • Fixed the error when adding a lesson cluster with the same name as an existing one
  • Fixed clone error that occurs when cloning a course twice

  • Fixed lesson clusters now being ordered properly with the sorting function

  • Fix Statistics page calculations
  • Fixed update issue preventing the plugin to see new versions

  • Add Export functions to Invoice bulk actions

  • Fix account page displaying multiple payment plan subscriptions
  • Remove Membership email settings

  • Fixed a bug when saving the tax rate amount of 0 in a specific tier.
  • Fix translations

  • Removed the limit of items when exporting invoices
  • Remove listed subscriptions in the admin profile page that aren't active.
  • Add download CSV format for Acumulus
  • Fix Vat Shifted issues
  • Automatically unsubscribe a user if tier is still not paid after the its due date.
  • Fixed invoice table displaying wrong prices
  • Allow payment of overdue payments

  • Add a way for admins to edit the Poppyz profile fields of users in the admin edit profile page
  • Fixed a bug that outputs the wrong error in the lesson list when accessing a course that has no available lessons.

  • Fixed invoice email not attaching file

  • Added FROM fields for emails in the plugin settings
  • Add tier name on the review purchase page
  • Fix invoice email not applying proper formatting and sender information
  • Fixed a bug that doubles the price when tax rate is set to 0 with exclusive to price settings

  • Add CSV download for invoices
  • Remove email from field in the plugin settings
  • Fix admin translations

  • Fix text AVR to AVG

  • Fix plugin settings box UI
  • Fix plugin settings link for the payments page

  • Add download invoices as PDF with filters

  • Add GDPR compliance
  • Add an option in the Student page to not send a thank you email message when manually subscribing a user.

  • Fixed Divi Layouts not loading for Lessons.

  • Added excerpt on courses and lessons
  • Change lesson modules name to lessencluster

  • Added more flexibility on how the Purchase Steps are displayed to be more compatible with Divi theme

  • Added displays options in the Poppyz Lesson Widget
  • Fixed clone course function to include modules and their lesson assignments

  • Added Modules - a way to group lessons
  • Removed the automatic listing of the lesson list inside the course page, the shortcode [lesson-list] is now required to display the lesson list
  • A Divi plugin module can now be installed as a separated plugin to add a "Lesson" module that can be customized.
  • Fix invoice pagination in the admin
  • Courses no longer display their content if the logged in user has no access.

  • Coupons can now be tier specific

  • Made tier price required.

  • Fix the issue of users being able to access some lessons that they are not subscribed to.

  • Add Divi Library to custom post types
  • Fix AffiliateWP error

  • Increase width of text boxes in the plugin settings.

  • In case a user is subscribed multiple times to the same tier, the last subscribed tier will overwrite the lesson rules of all previous ones.

  • Remove dollar currency
  • Temporarily remove membership payment method

  • Fix tax rate per tier when switching from Poppyz to Poppyz Invoice

  • Fix saving of tier when payment details are empty
  • Fix saving of tier when a lesson rule is empty
  • Change column order of the lesson rules

  • Add payment method: Membership

  • Fix Invoice computation
  • Fix wrong computation in the statistics page
  • Convert payment plan method to standard payment method of all tiers when switching between Poppyz Invoice and Poppyz.

  • Fix register form not sending.
  • Fix tiers not saving when the course it belongs to don't have lessons. (27/09/2017)

  • Added a feature that makes it possible to add additional fields of any type in the registration process.
  • Fix notices and warnings triggered by PHP (04/08/2017)

  • Fix for USD currency having an invalid format. (23/05/2017)

  • Added translations
  • Fixed a bug in tier rules when setting the week to 0. Setting 0 will now get the next nearest day within the current week. (23/05/2017)

  • Add starting weekday functionality to tiers admin
  • Fix tier rules layout admin (10/05/2017)

  • Added Visual Builder support for Divi (19/04/2017)

  • If the price of the tier reaches 0 after a coupon is applied, subscribe the user automatically. (03/4/2017)

  • Fixed the start time of a lesson using days. (29/3/2017)

  • Fixed double content showing on the payment process' register page. (8/3/2017)

  • Added description text for Lesson rules in tier admin.
  • Added shortcode support for tiers. (24/2/2017)

  • Added support for Divi plugin. (24/2/2017)

  • Fixed a bug that does not display the register page content in the purchase process.

  • Fixed a bug when cloning courses and lessons which are using Profit Builder.

  • Changed layout of registration page notifications
  • Fixed a bug that prevents adding of free tiers.

  • Change notification texts for email duplicates in the registration form.
  • Updated layout of the registration form.
  • Do not allow prices to be lower than 1 euro.

  • Change some translations for default texts.

  • Don't require the terms and conditions anymore.

  • Added terms and conditions
  • Added subscription expiration dates for tiers.

  • Added settings to change the limit reach text.

  • Added a limit to the number of subscriptions per tier.
  • Fix login redirect not working properly on the frontend login page.
  • Fix course content display not logged in text even if the course does not display lessons automatically.
  • Added coupon usage count on the coupon admin page.

  • Fixed an error that was occuring on old PHP versions.

  • Fixed MailChimp subscription.

  • Removed MoneyBird Workflow selections in the plugin settings that are not for Invoices.

  • Admins can now select a Workflow for MoneyBird in the plugin settings.
  • Fixed Thank You Mail's email address not being used.

  • Yoast SEO plugin compatibility fix

  • Purchase text can now be changed through child plugin or by using Libre Poppyz Theme's customizer.
  • Fixed order URL for non SEO friendly permalinks.

  • Add a shortcode [lessons-widget] that can be used anywhere in the content to show the list of lessons available to the subscription.

  • Fixed the Thank You email not sending when the email field is empty on the plugin settings.

  • Added a way for another plugin to add custom MailChimp fields
  • Fixed wrong redirect after login when auto login is disabled in the plugin settings

  • Remove the no list assigned notication in the Tier admin when Active Campaign list had already been assigned.

  • Removed sending of user notifications twice on Autoresponder API
  • Removed sending of Thank You mail on Autoresponder API

  • Fix newly created users not receiving their login info

  • Added filters for custom profile fields and metaboxes. Additional fields and metaboxes can now be added through a plugin.
  • Added a restriction filter for tier purchases. A plugin can now be created to restrict access to tier purchase depending on a condition - i.e, address, email, age, etc.

  • Fix order links not working when pretty permalink is not turned on
  • Hide admin notice when autorespond is being used instead of Mollie and MoneyBird.

  • Fix missing arrows of date fields

  • Fix a PHP error when activating the plugin

  • The thank you message can now be set per tier. If no thank you message is set on a tier it will use the one on the plugin settings page.

  • Added new settings tab for custom notifications text
  • Increase MailChimp list display to 100

  • Fixed email messages not being displayed properly.

  • Fixed Active Campaign subscribing users with a test email address.

  • When scheduling lessons by day/s, the lesson will be displayed at the beginning of the start day regardless of what time the user subscribed.
  • Removed reminder and overdue emails temporarily
  • Fixed double content bug when Libre Poppyz is not being used

  • Multisite support!
  • Updated layout, make sure to update Libre Poppyz theme to version 1.1.6 as well

  • Added an option to include tax on tier prices
  • Textual changes
  • Purchase button change

  • Fixed blank page after login

  • Added shortcodes for the thank you email message.

  • Fixed login redirects

  • Removed debug messages

  • Fixed the manual subscriptions on the User Profile page not having the correct subscription date.
  • Changed the way the plugin handles refunded payment status

  • Added Active Campaign newsletter subscription.

  • Added default text for the success message and a shortcode.

  • Fixed duplicating content
  • Fixed the default login redirect not working when the admin leave it blank
  • Added new settings for a successful payment.
  • Added a new tab in the settings to be able to edit the texts displayed on the purchase process.

  • Changed the way our plugin integrates with AffiliateWP. Now the integration happens on the plugin itself.
  • Started supporting PHP version 5.3 for MoneyBird v2 - some issues still left.
  • The course title in the Purchase page is now changeable by install the Poppyz Custom plugin
  • Same with the Free payment button.

  • Added support for Thrive Content Editor plugin when cloning a course or a lesson.
  • Fixed repeating text notification when switching MoneyBird version.

  • Fixed date on lessons that have the 'not yet available' message.
  • Fixed user subscription on the WP admin's User page.
  • Fixed Tiers label on the User page.

  • MoneyBird Version 2 fix for first name not appearing on the MoneyBird Contact.
  • Additional dutch translations.

  • Coupon code entered is now removed when a user logs out.
  • Fixed date translation for lessons.

  • Tiers can now be cloned from the edit course page.

  • Added fix for Thrive plugin conflict, invoice is not displayed and payment does not go through.
  • Fixed notice error when activating the plugin and WP_DEBUG is set to true.
  • Fixed login redirect not working on the default wp login (wp-login.php).
  • Fixed tier price formatting when saving for the Add Tier form on the course page.
  • Added user friendly messages when encountering errors in the payment process instead of a blank page/exception message.
  • The register page's content no longer shows after a successful registration.
  • Improved how the selection works on the tier page's lesson list.


  • Added AffiliateWP support
  • Fixed tier price bug to remove duplicate symbols.
  • Fixed dropdown not displaying selected items on the settings page.
  • The invoice profile ID now resets when users change they MoneyBird account credentials.
  • When purchasing a course using accounts with no names, a prompt will display instead of a blank/error page.
  • Changed max amount for payments to 10 digits.

  • Fixed country select when user fields are missing on the purchase page.

  • Coupons are now available
  • Added currency options: USD and Euro.
  • Added European notation for dates and prices.

  • The price of a tier now only accepts numbers. This is to avoid users adding a currency symbol.

  • Users can now choose a Moneybird invoice profile

  • Fix redirects happening on the admin page

  • Bug fix for courses not showing on the dashboard that are set to private, password protected, or future post.

  • Soooo tired of the login problems. Removing login redirect. Frontend and wp-login.php login now both works.


  • Added MoneyBird v2
  • The user info: country is now a dropdown field.

  • Remove login redirects, use the default wp login page instead

  • Small bug fixes

  • Fix newsletter subscription on free courses

  • Fixed user registration errors
  • Backend subscriptions now sends mail as well

  • Fixed login redirect errors


  • Added AWeber subscription
  • Created a Newsletter class to combine MailChimp and AWeber

  • Deleting a course now also delete all its lessons
  • Cloning a course also clones its lessons and all meta data

  • Added a default image for lesson's without featured posts

  • Added the shortcode [lesson-list-image] for courses to show the featured images of lessons instead of a text list
  • Added clone function for courses, lessons are not yet duplicated

  • Fixed content displaying on the Profit Builder plugin even if the user has no accesss

  • Removed Planned Payments

  • Added a reminder link on the Students page admin that points directly to the invoice


  • A new invoice is now automatically created after the payment of a subscription with payment plan
  • Fixed invoice product name adding payment plan text for standard payments

  • Bug fixes

  • Invoice text fixes
  • Translation fixes

  • Added notice when a tier does not have a MailChimp list assigned

  • For Autorespond.nl purchases, the user is now sent a link to be able to set his/her password
  • Fixed MailChimp bug

  • Bug fixes


  • Removed the MailChimp list selection in the settings page
  • MailChimp list can now be set per tier
  • The settings page can no longer be saved if a license is not supplied.
  • Fixed new user notification for Autorespond.nl

  • Fixed due dates
  • Improved account page
  • Improved invoice page

  • Modified the account page to make it more clear

  • Changed the payment plan interface on the backend
  • Due date of invoice is now the due date of the next payment for payment plans, otherwise it's 14 days for standard payments.
  • Added a payment link shortcode in reminder emails for direct payment.
  • Added tier name and payment number on the invoice
  • Remove manual sending of reminders

  • Payment Plans: Notify users that have an overdue payment or nearing payment due date
  • Manual sending of payment reminders on the admin Students page
  • New settings for email messages of payment reminder and overdue notification.


  • Added another method for paying: Payment Plans


  • Changed the dutch translation of tier to 'programmaronde'.


  • Added admin notice when the attachments folder can't be created.
  • Fixed login not redirecting properly.


  • More bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added Payment Plans


  • Removed code that were incompatible with PHP versions < 5.5
  • Instead of saving invoices on the server, they are now streamed on the fly.
  • Added the account page


  • Added lessons widget


  • Added free tiers - just set the tier price to 0


  • Several bug fixes
  • Added admin notices


  • New translations


  • Changed plugin name to Poppyz
  • Updated documentation to include dutch video tutorials


  • Code optimizations.
  • Added admin notices


  • Code optimizations.


  • Created API for Autorespond.nl


  • Plugin alpha version.

Changelog (09/11/2023)

  • Fix a bug that results in adding restrictions to all pages. (07/11/2023)

  • Add restriction/authentication on category pages of courses and lessons. (13/07/2023)

  • Additional code for grid alignment. (12/07/2023)

  • Updated the code for the grid alignments. (11/07/2023)

  • Fixed course and lesson grid spacing and alignment (11/07/2023)

  • Purchase pages of products no longer show the main menu. (05/07/2023)

  • Remove random ss string on product page.

1.8.3 (05/07/2023)

  • Fixed layout of lesson overviews (white space issue).

1.8.2 (09/06/2023)

  • Fixed some modules not working because of a javascript error.

1.8.1 (25/05/2023)

  • Fixed missing function error.

1.8 (16/05/2023)

  • Additional styling for custom divi modules
  • Version fixes
  • Code cleanup
  • User deleted text fix. (07/02/2023)

  • Backend improvement for layouts (03/02/2023)

  • Fixed lesson nivation on mobile
  • Removed extra spaces on the register form (21/12/2022)

  • Fix lesson navigation text and removed lesson in it. (15/11/2022)

  • Hide lesson navigation when not in use. (11/10/2022)

  • Added form label text size in customizer
  • Styling fixes (26/07/2022)

  • Added styling fields h2 and h3 tags in the customizer
  • Added styling for font-size of forms inputs (07/06/2022)

  • Styling fixes
  • Implemented a way to add additional fields to Divi's Customizer
  • First field added is "Secondary color" found in General Settings -> Layout Settings. It is used as the background of forms.
  • Made lesson navigation link buttons follow the style of buttons set in the Customizer.

  • Removed border of courses on the course overview page.

  • Added separator for the vertical nav's lesson widget
  • Fixed lesson category layout (non-enhanced)


  • Hid vertical navigation on purchase pages
  • Added a new plugin setting for changing the link of the logo if loggedin.
  • Added new classes for using the accent color: accent-color-bg, accent-color-text


  • Changes when importing default setup: Search button is now hidden, Edit Profile menu is removed.


  • Fixed bug causing plugin updates to output errors on some websites for a short time.


  • Styling fixes for Chrome browser


  • Styling fixes


  • Implemented a better equal height items for grid display
  • Change the default single post display (hide thumbnail, comment, and post meta like author, publish date, etc.) in the import setup button.


  • Input text boxes now follows the font size set in Divi.


  • Added progress list module styles.


  • Removed Dynamic CSS fix. It was causing unexpected issues like buttons disappearing. Clients should just disable Dynamic CSS from Divi for now.


  • Fixed dynamic CSS messing up the module layouts.


  • Added style for the vertical navbar widget title.


  • Fixed coupon fields styles


  • Fixed button text being hidden when background is white.


  • Changed plugin author name.


  • Fixed random text appearing on the sidebar for non Divi pages.


  • Changed default locked course/lesson overlay to a lighter color.


  • Added support for the new Poppyz UI. Lesson list style change.


  • Added suppport for Poppyz new backend ui in the settings page


  • Removed border for last columns


  • Hide module titles option now on Poppyz Settings


  • Fixed notice when on the last lesson


  • Added an import default setup on Poppyz Settings -> Divi.


  • Added styling for inaccessible lessons


  • Fixed wrong edit link for lessons when a lesson list is used


  • Vertical navigation mobile menu improvement.


  • Fixed mobile menu for vertical navigations to include lesson list.


  • Fixed admin having a different layout that non admin users
  • Fixed wrong edit lesson and course links


  • Fixed lesson navigation links going out of the divi container


  • Fixed vertical nav for lesson module pages


  • Changed theme name to "Divi-Poppyz Theme"


  • Fixed previous and next links


  • Added a new settings section in Poppyz for Divi settings
  • Added lesson navigation links (previous and next) below lessons if it's enabled on Poppyz settings.


  • Remove sidebars for all Poppyz pages automatically.


  • Added widget area on Divi's vertical navigation.


  • Additional minor styling fixes for the return page after purchase.


  • Fixed failed payment text going outside main content
  • Added module page display option and lesson list add


  • Made the checkout section scroll with the page


  • Added styling for one page registration and checkout


  • Added auto-update functionality


  • E-Products now use the same template file as courses and lessons.


  • Removed titles for courses and lessons if the builder is used.


  • Prevent theme activation and usage if Poppyz plugin is not installed.


  • Comments for courses and lessons won't display if there is no Comments module inserted into Divi builder.


  • Remove auto sidebar height because it also applies to other columns in the page. Additional class should be used instead.


  • Fixed course and lessons titles not showing


  • Added blank page template selection


  • Fix animations and styles not applying to pages that use the blank template
  • Add comment support on Courses and Lessons


  • Improve subscription list layout on the account page.


  • The blank page template can now be selected on posts, pages, courses and lessons


  • Fixed lessons not applying the proper layout


  • Fixed sidebars and content getting very long heights on mobile


  • New Account page layout


  • Fixed the layout login and register pages


  • Add Logged In and Logged Out menu locations.


  • Fixed styling of lessons module in the sidebar
  • Fixed footer bar appearing on the middle of long pages

Changelog 07/11/2023

  • Styling fixes for the navigation buttons of lessons. : 22/09/2023

  • Added module for navigating lessons: Poppyz - Next/Previous Buttons : 16/05/2023

  • Styling fixes : 18/04/2023

  • Added a custom module named Poppyz Back Button. : 11/11/2022

  • Fixed progress list module layout and added new settings. : 19/08/2022

  • Added Poppyz prefix on all module names for easier searching. : 18/08/2022

  • Fixed Divi's layout import sometimes getting stucked at 75% : 11/08/2022

  • Another fix for the reloading issue. : 08/08/2022

  • Fixed the infinite reloading of Divi builder frontend.

  • Fixed error when an old Divi version is activated


  • Fixed lesson module not displaying the correct lessons when a user is subscribed to multiple tiers. This only fixes the non-grid layout. Grid layout is fixed on Poppyz and above.


  • Added progress list module.


  • Fixed Dynamic Content error resulting in a critical error in the backend.


  • Changed plugin author name.


  • Fixed issue where Divi hangs when saving a page with a module. Dropped preview support entirely.


  • Fixed some courses not showing on all modules


  • Fixed some courses not showing in Lesson modules selection


  • In Lessons Module, not selecting a course will now use the currently viewed course or lesson as the basis of the categories shown.


  • Changed default locked course/lesson overlay to a lighter color.


  • Fixed function name to avoid clash


  • Default layout of modules is now Grid.
  • Added support for the new Poppyz UI


  • Title now shows by default for lesson and course modules.


  • Add course id specification on the lesson list


  • Fixed Lessons by Category module error


  • Re-arranged the lesson module fields


  • Fixed lesson list no access color for links
  • Changed the name of the field "No access background color" to "No access color" to make it work with link color as well.


  • Do not display excluded lessons in the Lessons module even if Show All option is enabled
  • Added a popup when clicking a lesson set in the future


  • Fixed missing Courses module


  • Added new module: Categories Module. It displays all modules of a given course on a page. Requires Poppyz version and above.


  • Separated the option to show locked/unlocked icons and setting no access background color. No access background can now be set even if the lock icons are disabled.


  • Course module now displays all courses instead of just 10


  • Changed plugin name to "Divi-Poppyz Plugin"


  • Added new divi module for lesson categories.

Changelog 28/09/2023

  • The same product can now be purchased multiple times
  • Fix Edit Details missing link 15/06/2023

  • Added purchase expiration 06/06/2023

  • Refactor process of free product, add newsletter subscription for free products
  • Record and display coupon users of an e-product. 08/03/2023

  • Fixed the thank page redirect of products with 0 price.

  • Fix double content on purchase pages.

  • Change purchase text translations.

  • Prevent users from buying the same product twice.

  • Improved coupon display on the admin. Must use the latest version of Poppyz.

  • Changed location of product owners tab to the top.
  • Added a way to manually subscribe users to e-products on the product owners tab.

  • Added product owners to the left tabs of edit product page.

  • Added login link at the top of the registration form.

  • Fixed registration form text in plugin settings not applying to products.

  • Added a link to the login text when product is not accessible.


  • Removed Purchase Page checkbox and Purchase Content field because they are no longer being used.


  • Changed plugin author name.


  • Fixed ActiveCampaign tags not saving


  • Fixed product owners not showing on the product admin.


  • Fixed purchase limit not saving in the admin


  • Fixed an issue with ActiveCampaign list not showing on Products


  • New backend UI


  • Added a column for the product shortcode in the product overview page.

  • Added a heading for E-Products on the Coupon add/edit page


  • Added missing mailing lists.
  • Adjusted the position of mailing lists in the edit product page.


  • Fixed a bug where the product subscription limit text is not being displayed.
  • Added languages for NL_BE and NL_formal.


  • Fixed a warning message on the return page caused by the previous updated


  • Added feature to assign a Thank You page per product.


  • Added tags support


  • Fixed invoice not showing when MoneyBird is set and removed. Very rare issue that probably did not affect anyone.


  • Vat included/excluded options are now available on per product basis.


  • Apply disable coupon settings on Poppyz to E-Products.


  • Added MoneyBird Integration display on return page


  • Fixed incompatibility issues with WP 5.5


  • Updated purchase page on free products not applying the right data
  • Fixed Thank You emails


  • The shortcode now shows the product details review page instead of a button. If you want to display the old button instead, use [purchase id="1234" button=true] instead.


  • Fixed purchase page redirecting to itself after registration


  • Fixed purchase page layout


  • Added validation and notice when purchase shortcode is used on a product page.
  • Fixed payment failed text not being inside the layout when using divi.


  • Fixed free products when Mollie is not set


  • Integrated registration and product information on one page just like on Poppyz


  • Fixed purchase button not appearing on registration page


  • Fixed discount coupon computation


  • Fixed MoneyBird tax value


  • Added automatic update
  • Fixed register payment error


  • MoneyBird now uses the tax included option in Poppyz


  • Add MoneyBird integration


  • Removed duplicate javascript from Poppyz


  • Fixed Mollie Payment error


  • Translation fixes


  • Allow admins to always have access to product pages


  • Fix wrong invoice link in the email.


  • Redid fix for thank you email spam.


  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed thank you email sending multiple times when Mollie can't access the website
  • Fixed product page not showing on the admin


  • Fixed an exception error when Poppyz Invoice is not activated.


  • Fixed return page being empty when price reaches 0 from coupon usage.
  • Displayed version number fixed.


  • Enabled product specific coupons (requires latest version of Poppyz)
  • Fixed a bug when a wrong product ID is used.


  • Added coupons


  • Fix newsletter lists not showing in the admin


  • Added product custom fields for subscribing to newsletters, subscription expiry and limit, and custom emails.
  • Added a delete link on the owners section of the product page


  • Fixed an error in the owner section of the product edit page when a user has been deleted


  • Fixed product shortcode not appearing on the product pages


  • Initial plugin update