Additional Products and Bundle Product

Additional Product

The administrator can add up to five tiers and e-products to a tier so that clients can choose which ones to purchase with Additional Product features.

The administrator must log in to the admin area and visit the Poppyz Tier page in order to add more products. Then find the Poppyz Option section by scrolling down. Next, select Additional Products.

The value of the field “Enable bundled products?” for extra products must be “No.” Next, you need to choose the extra tier for the Product #. Additionally, the administrator can upload an image that meets the specifications of height: 104 pixels and width: 70 pixels. And the administrator can also add the additional tier description.

Note: Products with Standard payment only are listed as options on the Additional Product tier. 

Bundled Product

An administrator can construct a bundled product using Bundled Products. It will be in line with the primary tier’s cost, and the extra items are required.

Bundled product has the same procedure with the “Additional Product” feature. The only difference is you need to select “Yes” in  the “Enable bundled products?”.