Automatische incasso

Poppyz uses automatic payments for payments methods Payment Plan and Membership.

With Mollie’s Recurring Payments the user won’t have to manually pay for their subscriptions. They will automatically get charged by Mollie based on the the Interval set on the plan.

For direct debit, you must display the SEPA text before and after the payment process. This is legally required to inform the user about the payment. We have already made a standard text for a SEPA text. You are at all times responsible for the legality of this. You can change the text via: Courses -> Settings -> Standard texts.

You should at least adjust the texts between braces and brackets.

The Terms and Conditions can also be changed via the plug-in settings on the AVG tab.

Important: Sometimes a payment fails due to reasons like insufficient funds and custom refund. Learn more about Chargebacks here.

If a payment does not go through the specified due date of the payment, they will have a grace period of 12 days  (sometimes it takes a while to process bank payments), and if the payment is still not made the subscription will automatically get cancelled. To continue and re-enable access to the program, the subscription’s payment  will be converted into manual. The user will have to go to the Account page and look for the Subscription’s payment link: