Changing domain

There might be a time when you want to change your domain to something else. This means that your website URL will change. This is not as simple as changing a normal website URL mainly because Poppyz has payments with Mollie. Each Poppyz website can be classified by two categories in terms of this: Websites that have active Mollie subscriptions and websites that don’t. The latter is easier to migrate into a new domain.

Websites without Active Subscriptions:

These are websites that only have standard payment plans, and/or websites that no longer have ongoing payments via payment plans and memberships. This means that all their subscriptions have been paid completely.

This one requires the standard procedure of migrating a website to a different URL. There are different methods to do this like this one. Because your Mollie license key is attached to your domain, the only additional step for you to do here is to change your website URL on your Mollie account to obtain a new license key that you can use in Poppyz’s plugin settings.

Note: It’s very important to confirm that you don’t have any ongoing payment plans or memberships because they will stop working if you change your domain name.

Websites with Active Subscriptions:

This one is a bit tricky. Basically, we don’t recommend doing this because it requires a lot of steps to make your customer’s Mollie subscriptions keep working. In addition to above the customer mandates should be re-obtained in the new website which is not ideal at the moment to implement. Not to mentioned updating all existing subscriptions to use the new website so that new charges will use the new URL instead of the old one.

What we recommended doing here is to wait for all your subscriptions to be done first or – keep the old website URL functioning so that your current customers can still function properly. And duplicate/create a new website for new customers in the new domain.