How to add a client’s domain to our main site

Note: This tutorial is for Poppyz Support only.

DirectAdmin Process:

  1. Make sure that the client performed the necessary steps to point their domain to our server. They should have done this guide.
  2. To confirm if the domain has been setup properly, go to this website and enter the client’s domain name.
  3. If the information displayed is the same as the encircled section in this image, then the domain has been successfully setup:
  4. Login via DirectAdmin: (Ask Matthijs for the login details.)
  5. Search for the domain
  6. Click on the LOGIN AS MPOPMU green button on the right.
  7. Go to Account Manager -> Domain Setup.
  8. Click on the Add New button.
  9. On the Create Domain page, enter the domain you want to add  and use the following settings:
  10. Click on the Create button and you’re now done adding the domain. Next is to configure the domain to use the main site directory.
  11. Logout of the mpopmu user to go back to the admin user.
  12. Go to Server Manager -> Custom HTTPD Configurations

    Note: This area is very sensitive and could mess our server. Make sure to follow instructions carefully from here on out.
  13. Search for the newly added domain and then click on nginx.conf
  14. Click on the Customize button.
  15. In the first tab at the bottom named CUSTOM1 enter this line exactly: |?DOCROOT=/home/mpopmu/domains/|

    Note: Make sure to enter the above text with the pipe symbol.
  16. Hit Save and now you’re done with DirectAdmin.

Main Site Process:

  1. Login on (Ask Matthijs for the WP login)
  2. Click on My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites

  3. Click on the Add new

  4. Enter a subdirectory name in the Site Address field. We will be entering the full domain name later. For now it’s recommended to use the main domain name minus the “.nl” or similar. For example if the full domain name is, just use “example”.
  5. Afterwards, click on All Sites and edit the site you recently added.
  6. Enter the full domain name and click Save Changes.

That’s it! Repeat the whole process when adding other domains.