Plug & Pay Integration

Poppyz supports Plug&Pay integration and payments. Follow these steps to use it for your subscriptions:

  1. First we have to setup a webhook in your Plug & Play account. This will connect Plug & Pay to your website where you installed Poppyz. In your Plug & Pay account, go to Instellingen -> Webhooks.
  2. In the first webhook field, follow the example above by adding ?ppy_api=plugandpay to your Poppyz website. So if your website URL is on, you will enter
  3. The second webhook field is not important at the moment, but you can follow the same pattern as well.
  4. Once the webhooks have been setup, you can now create your product/course subscription. Go to Producten  and click on the Product toevoegen button.
  5. Enter the product name. This can be anything, it does not need to be the same as the tier name in Poppyz.
  6. Enter the product details, then go to the Prijzen tab to enter the payment method and price.
  7. Important: In the Prijzen tab, make sure that your Tier in Poppyz has the same exact amount and payment settings. So tax rate, tax inclusive/exclusive settings, payment method etc.
  8. For One-time/Standard Payments it’s pretty straightforward.
  9. For memberships, choose only one option and enter a price for a single interval. It is important that only one interval is set since we only have a single tier for a single product. Note: Again, make sure that the payments settings here are the same on the Poppyz Tier.
  10. After the pricing setup go to the Geadvanceerd tab and enter the Poppyz tier’s ID on the SKU field. This will connect the tier to this product. To find the Tier ID, in your WordPress Admin, go to the Tier you want to use and look for the post parameter on the URL:

  11. Once everything is setup click on the Save button.
  12. We now need to create a Checkout page for the product where customers can buy it. To do this, click the Checkouts menu and click on the Checkout toevoegen button.
  13. Enter the name of the page and choose a the new product you created.
  14. Enter your desired URL and use the copy icon on the right to copy it.
  15. Make sure to switch the product to “Activeren” status and then click on Opslaan & Publiceren button.
  16. Visit the copied URL to test.