This tutorial will guide you on how to convert your existing website that was created from Profit Builder (or any other WP Theme) to use the Divi Theme and Divi Builder.

Since the content of posts and pages of WordPress are saved separately on the database, switching to a different theme or visual builder does not delete the original content. The issue comes from having different shortcodes and formatting options – for example, Profit Builder uses different markup and shortcodes than Divi. So when you switch to Divi, it won’t be able to recognize those markups and will just display the code itself together with the content. There is no easy way to magically convert these codes to be Divi compatible because supporting that will require a huge amount of work being that there are a lot of different visual builders each with their own markup.

As a result, in order to achieve our goal we have to do it manually. This may be a lot of work, but it’s the only way. This means that we have to convert each Profit Builder page to Divi by trying our best to copy the Profit Builder layout and styling using the Divi builder. If you are not yet familiar with Divi I highly suggest reading the Getting Started guide first. This way you’ll be able to familiarize and find a way to convert the Profit Builder layout and styles to Divi.

To help with the conversion we’ve come up with a process that will at least make it easier and smoother to transition to Divi:

  1. Make a backup of everything! This should always be the first step when making huge changes to your website. We recommend this plugin.
  2. If your website is live (which we assume it is because your content already is already using a Visual Builder), it’s better to first create a duplicate of your website and do your changes from there. This will prevent your  visitors from experiencing issues on your live site. This plugin can be used to duplicate your website.
  3. The duplicate copy of your website can be installed on your site’s subdomain. For example, if your live site is, install the duplicate site on and do the migration from there.
  4. Once the duplicate/staging website has been setup, close the live site on your browser  to make sure you don’t mistakenly do your changes on it. From now on all our changes should be done on the staging site.
  5. So on the staging site, disable Profit Builder and install and activate Divi.
  6. If you view the frontend of the website now it will look messed up. This is normal since Divi don’t know how to process the content made from Profit Builder.
  7. In addition to content and equally as important, the global settings of Profit Builder should be made on Divi’s equivalent as well.
  8. To get the global settings of Profit builder, open another browser and go  to your live site’s Profit Builder settings:

    Keep note of the  typography and layout options, colors, and other styles. We will need to copy this to Divi.
  9. Go to your staging site on another tab/browser and configure Divi’s settings according to the settings of Profit Builder that you saw above.

  10. You can just keep on switching tabs to know which style to use on Divi.
  11. When done, we can move on to converting each content on Profit Builder to Divi.
  12. Open a page on the live site that was created using Profit Builder.
  13. On a different tab, open the same page on your staging site. This is very important, do NOT create a new page, because it will then create a different page ID that may cause problems on your plugins and links.
  14. So for example if you will be converting, on staging go to
  15. While on the page of the staging site, delete the Profit Builder content. This will make it easier for you to build it from scratch using Divi.
  16. Start building the content by switching to the live site’s page so you can look at the styles and layout and do them on the staging site using Divi. This is why should be familiar with Divi first to know which of the Divi modules is required to achieve what your Profit Builder content looks like.
  17. Now, there may be instances where you can’t find a Divi equivalent of the Profit Builder section. Divi has quite a number of modules to choose from: I suggest taking a look at them to see if it fits your preferred display.
  18. That’s it. Just keep repeating the same process for other pages.

Keep in mind that the transition most probably won’t be perfect. So your site may not look exactly the same. After all you are switching to a completely different theme. There could also be Profit Builder sections that just don’t have a Divi equivalent. This then will require a developer to develop custom changes.